Unlearning to Learn

Although it may seem like an oxymoron, there are some things you need to unlearn in order to learn. Will Richardson’s article “The Unlearning Curve” lists 10 of these things.

  1. We aren’t the only experts
  2. Kids may know more than us
  3. Learning is continual
  4. Teamwork is key
  5. Students need to self-direct
  6. Students learn differently from us
  7. Put yourself out there!
  8. Kids learn at different paces
  9. Don’t block everything
  10. Education takes a community

I agree with some of these more than others.  I know for sure that my students know much more than me in certain areas! I am continually learning things from them!  There have been numerous times that students will ask a question and I just have to be honest and say “I don’t know, but I will find out for you!”  However, I’m still not a believer that we need to unblock Facebook or other social media sites at the school.  For the days that we are teaching about Digital Citizenship, I can see that being important, but for all the rest of the year, I still think they should be blocked so students aren’t tempted to be getting on those sites at inappropriate times.

Over the last few weeks, I have unlearned some of my thoughts and feelings about technology and how it has impacted our lives.  I still don’t like that technology has taken over so much of our lives, but I do appreciate all of the wonderful benefits that it does offer us!  I love that my students and myself can look something up in seconds. I love that we can connect to people and things all around the world.  I love that it makes certain aspects of creativity possible!

I will continue to use Twitter as a news and communication source.  I will use Digital Storytelling for book reports and other projects.  I will use Independent Learning Projects.  I will use the audio books/stories.  I am excited that I had the opportunity to learn about these things and will now get to utilize them in my classroom!

I am surprised that I was able to figure out several different technological things by  myself this summer! Granted, I had to Google some things, but I still figured it out and did all the assignments/projects/challenges completely by myself! Considering my background in technology (or lack thereof), that is quite a feat!

As Richardson said, “So much of our traditional thinking about personal learning and classroom practice is being challenged by our ability to publish and connect and collaborate primarily because of the opportunities afforded by the Read/Write Web.”  I am a very traditionally minded person, especially when it comes to education.  I am now challenged and challenging myself about these ideas and trying to incorporate new, modern approaches as well!


{Unfortunately, the “Mindset of an Innovator” article was not available or working today.  I will still try to get it read, if it becomes available this week!}

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