ILP- The Wrap Up

I’m not sure if we are supposed to write about our last week working on our Independent Projects or not, so I’m being safe and writing it!  This week I tried my biggest challenge yet: A homemade angel food cake! Before you get all excited or impressed, let me just tell you that it failed. Badly.

I had high hopes for myself and my cake. I did research throughout the week.  I found an article that really got into the scientific parts of making an angel food.  I had always heard not to use rubber spatulas with it, but this article said it was okay to use. (Maybe I can blame my flop on that!) If you like science and/or baking, check it out!

I then found what I thought was a simple and basic recipe for the cake itself. I let the eggs get to room temperature (a very odd feeling, working with warm eggs) and followed the instructions to a t. I put it in the pan and felt very excited because everything had gone fairly well. cake 1

I baked it at the appropriate temperature for the correct amount of time. (A little extra actually since I like it more golden on top!) cake 2 Unfortunately, it was under-baked. I flipped it over to cool and the cake slipped right out. cake 3 And then it proceeded to flatten.  (It is currently even worse than the picture shows, but I have some pride left so I’m not showing it!

Looking back, I’m thinking that my oven could be screwy (remember the cookies that also were under-baked?) and not baking correctly.  Perhaps I didn’t whip the egg whites enough, or I went too long. Maybe I didn’t fold in the flour/sugar well enough.  There are so many variables! I will try it again, in a different oven hopefully!

I have learned that I enjoy baking, but when something goes wrong I really hate it! It makes me wonder what happened: Did I do something? Were my ingredients wrong? Is my oven messed up?  Someday I hope to have a gorgeous kitchen with a high-grade stove!

Baking and cooking seriously are SO scientific.  Recipes mean it when they ask for a specific amount of something. Always measure flour carefully! If a recipe calls for room temperature eggs, then set them out!

There is so much that I still hope to and need to learn about this. I’m left with questions and curiosity about the subject! I have enjoyed the opportunity to work on what I enjoy with the excuse of calling it homework!

16 thoughts on “ILP- The Wrap Up

  1. I love this!!! I like how put a lot of humor with this blog! I have never tried making angel food cake because it does seem challenging to make but good job on trying it. I am not to judge because I can probably make or bake anything else but when it came to pancakes my first time ever…… was not good! I know right PANCAKES??? but hey I tried it again and let me tell you it became a popular request now at my house. Keep at it!!! You’ll do great!


  2. Even thought the cake didn’t work out, at least you took a leap of faith and tried it (you could have easily switched it out with a store bought one and know one would have known)!! At least you tried something new and can hopefully learn from this experience! Good for you!


  3. I love the fact that you haven’t given up, but that you are willing to try the angel food cake again! Baking isn’t my forte, so I’m impressed that you even took on such a monumental task. I’m sure mine would have fallen flat, as well. You are so right about how some baking recipes are so precise and much like a science! I’ve seen this when trying to make cookies, as I’ve yet to master how to get the insides done without overcooking the outsides. Ha!


    • I’ve never been a quitter and I don’t want to start now! (And the batter is yummy to clean up even if the cake fails!) As far as those cookies go, I would say if the insides and gooey and the outsides are crisp, then you have mastered the perfect cookie!


  4. Those cakes are tricky. I also failed at angel food and it’s one of my sons favorites. My mother used to make them just perfect and she always flipped her pan upside down on a pop bottle to let it cool, so the first time I tired to bake one I flipped mine upside down on a pop bottle too. Mine fell out on the counter, sad day. Keep practicing, I’m sure there is someone out there who can give you good advice on baking one, but it isn’t me.


  5. Sounds kind of bad but I love that you continue to write a blog even if it was a fail! It just shows people that everything does not turn out and it is important to learn about these mistakes. Much respect for trying the angel food cake! Even after a couple years of cooking, I don’t try to make these cakes because they need to be perfect in order for them to turn out! Really liked this post!


  6. Even though the cake didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, be proud that you tried something new! Would you have tried to make the angel food cake before this project? When it comes to ovens, I have learned that they are all so different! When I make something at my house, the times vary from when I make things at my parents house. When you learn the right amount of time for your baking, these will all turn out great!


    • I’m not sure I would have tried an angel food without this challenge. I like the box mix ones just fine, so I probably would have just used those my whole life! I’m glad I’ve had this experience and have gotten to try new things!


  7. I really enjoyed reading your post and it made me laugh because I am remembering the first time I made Angel Food Cake and it was a major fail. This is not easy to do and at least you tried to do it! I bet if you try it again it will be great. My family loves angel food cake so I learned from my grandma over the years on how to make it. 🙂


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