Attention Log Blog

As a teacher, I should be really good at paying attention and focusing on things. I wish this was true! This past week I have looked at myself with scrutiny when it comes to my internet behavior. Here were the specific results from my 5 self-monitored sessions:

  • Session 1
  • Date: 7-17-17
  • Space: Living room
  • Device: laptop
  • Duration of session: 2+ hours
  • What occurred: I started out watching Netflix while Pinteresting.  I found an idea for a schedule that I liked, so I went to my Google Drive to set it up and work with it.
  • What you did: Created a Google Doc schedule- Year long view broken down into the 4 quarters of the year, broken down into the 9-10 weeks in each quarter.  I almost finished one class’ year! 
  • How you felt: Very productive! I got a lot done.  I love being organized and having a schedule in place.  Since this is only my second year teaching, I’ve been nervous/anxious about it again.  Now I feel more secure…at least with that one class that’s basically done!
  • What worked: I burrowed down in my husband’s recliner, surrounded by all of my different schedules, standards, plans, ideas, and so on.
  • What didn’t work: I started out watching Hawaii 5-0, but I found myself getting confused trying to solve a crime and plan a year of teaching.  I turned off the TV, opened a window to listen to the rain, and worked for a couple hours! 
  • Other comments: I’m proud of what I got done and excited to continue working on it! 
  • Session 2
  • Date: 7-18-17
  • Space: living room 
  • Device: laptop
  • Duration of session: 30 minutes
  • What occurred: 
  • What you did: checked all 3 emails, did a daily create, worked on attention log, checked blog feedly- made a comment, added it to my blog comment record, checked Twitter
  • How you felt: productive, but kind of bored
  • What worked: I started to turn the TV on, but decided not to so I could have a quiet environment to focus in
  • What didn’t work: 
  • Other comments: If I have a goal or a purpose, I do well not getting distracted.  It’s when I don’t HAVE to get anything done that I find myself falling into the blackholes of Pinterest or Facebook! 
  • Session 3
  • Date: 7-19-17
  • Space: Living room
  • Device: Laptop
  • Duration of session: 30 minutes
  • What occurred: Sat down, opened computer to do homework and daily create. 
  • What you did: Opened computer and Facebook was open. Instead of closing it, I scrolled through it for about 10 minutes before actually closing it. Then I moved on to the daily create, twitter, emails, etc. 
  • How you felt: Like I have a severe lack of self-control today! I also felt a burden of things I needed to get done while I was slacking off. 
  • What worked: Eventually forcing myself to close Facebook.
  • What didn’t work: I need to make sure to close these naughty tabs when I close my computer so they aren’t the first things I see when I open it up again. 
  • Other comments: I want to continue working on my year planner so I decided to go to my classroom to really get in the zone and to be focused!
  • Session 4
  • Date: 7-20-17
  • Space: kitchen bar
  • Device: laptop
  • Duration of session: 15 minutes
  • What occurred: I stayed on track!
  • What you did: I quickly checked all my emails, Twitter, and did the daily create
  • How you felt: I felt really productive and proud of myself.
  • What worked: I had a short amount of time to get my school stuff done before running an errand with my Hubby. I knew I had a time limit, so I stayed focused and got everything done that needed done! 
  • What didn’t work:
  • Other comments: Being under a time crunch also helps me stay focused! Maybe that’s why I could never be a procrastinator- I love having the freedom to get sidetracked! 
  • Session 5
  • Date: 7-21-17
  • Space: living room 
  • Device: laptop 
  • Duration of session: an hour
  • What occurred: I realized I’m almost unable to just do one thing at a time! 
  • What you did: I checked all the usuals and worked on this attention log- as I was “watching” a devotional on YouTube. 
  • How you felt: Bad. I have all day to do things, but I feel the need to get it all done as quickly as possible. 
  • What worked: I didn’t get sidetracked by Facebook or Pinterest
  • What didn’t work: I wasn’t able to focus on the sermon like I would have liked. I was busy doing other things. 

Some of these days I behaved very well. I was focused and stayed on track for what I needed to get done. Other days, not so much.  I also noticed that during these monitored times it was easier to behave than other times, because I was kind of being kept accountable.  I need to start monitoring myself all the time instead of wasting mindless hours on Facebook.  On Pinterest I need to have a specific thing I’m looking for, get ideas, and then move on.  Internet is a resource that we can either utilize to maximize ourselves or we can abuse it and ruin ourselves!

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