Something old, something new

brain-2062053_640There is a whole world out there that I’ve been unaware of. I’ve never listened to a podcast before and I’ve never watched a Digital Story! I’m glad I’ve had this opportunity to explore these different avenues of learning.

When I was little, I loved going to the city library or having library day at school where we would be read to by the librarian. This was my heaven.  I’ve tried to bring a little bit of this into my high school English classes. We read our novels {mostly} aloud, in the group, discussing as we go.  Podcasts could supplement this and help us meet our listening standards!  I’ve been listening to “Serial” on Pandora and I can see why it is so addictive to people, especially students. {I love cop shows, so I guess I’m biased!}

However, I do have concerns.  The language and content is sometimes inappropriate for a school classroom.  I have a strict no cussing or inappropriate talk rule in my room, so I can see the students seeing this as a double-standard issue.  I also don’t appreciate how the author makes it sound like the “average American teenager” drinks, smokes weed, and has sex all the time. {I was a teenager [and am a young adult] who never did any of that junk.} I live my life as an example of how life can be lived without that garbage and I don’t know if I want to show my students someone else that thinks all of that is “normal” or “okay.”

exchange-of-ideas-222786_640Another thing I have been wanting to add into my classes are discussions- I think it is vital that we teach students how to debate and discuss since they aren’t seeing good examples in the media or presidential “debates.”  This “Serial” content would be an easy way to bring this into the classroom.  Students could present their sides or cases about Adnan’s guilt or innocence.

I am one of those teachers that wants to have resources included and prepared assignments/activities to tie into standards, the story, etc.  The article said there are resources available, but I’m not sure my district would be thrilled about buying them. [We are still in the process of remodeling our building!]

I definitely see the benefits of including audio-based lessons into the classroom.  I think it would improve listening skills, critical thinking skills, debate skills, etc. I will look into different podcasts that might have less vulgar language.  I also love how you can use other resources (maps or pictures) to learn other skills or make it more personal.  My mind is reeling with the possibilities this could bring to my classes!

6 thoughts on “Something old, something new

  1. Just like with Ted Talks, I think that some of the podcasts could be beneficial within a classroom. The concern would be finding ones that are actually appropriate AND interesting to students. Serial is quite an addicting one, but like you said, it really isn’t for the classroom. Podcasts do have the potential to open up new doors for learning, though.


  2. I feel like we were the same person as a child haha! I LOVED to go to the library and find new books to read and would surround myself with them. When it comes to the podcasts, you do have a good point with the language. You would have to screen the podcast before letting any of your students listen to it, but I’m sure there are ones out there that have clean language.


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