What to do?

So many times in my life I am faced with decisions to make.  What should I wear? What should I make for supper? What should we do in freshman English today? What about senior English? Oh, dear.  I have always been a horrible mind-maker-upper. I think I get it from my mom, but I’m not sure.. 😉

Today’s big decision is what to do for my independent-learning project for class.  This project is going to have to be interesting enough to grab my attention {willingly} for several hours each week for the rest of the summer.  I wonder if perfecting the Art of Sleep would qualify!

There are a few different things that interest me, but would I want to stick with them?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m horrible at Spanish. I would love to be able to learn this so I could talk to not only my sister-in-law and niece, but many people around my community.  BUT, I hated the class and I’m horrible at it, so maybe that would just make for a horrible summer.  I think sign language is amazing, but there’s so much I think I would have mind-overload! Sewing looks cool and would save money, but I have no idea where to even start. *Sigh* I would love to really work on my technology skills since that’s what this class is all about! It would be neat to create my own lesson planning book, planner, and grade book. Once again, I wouldn’t even know where to start on that! Baking? Mmmm I LOVE food. Especially desserts. But my husband and I are trying to diet in preparations for our redo honeymoon in August.


(This is my mind right now!)

Those last two sound really tempting to me.  A planner combo would be useful and save money. But baking is fun and delicious. It also makes people happy! I wonder if I could smoosh them together somehow. Maybe bake some beautiful desserts and then take pictures and put them in my planner? That’s probably cheating though!

I’ve always loved learning and I’m sure I will learn a ton doing whatever I choose.  (I’m sure that after I start one I will have an epiphany of several other ideas I would love to do as well!)

Though all of my attempted decision making, I am realizing something: I am thinking through possible projects, outcomes, blogs, and lessons for each of the different options.  I really want to include one of these in my classes.  I would love to see my students thinking through their different passions to explore!

~All pictures creative commons from Pixabay!~

10 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. I love your thought process in trying to decide. I want to do some mini-projects so I can get more done too. I love the cooking/planner idea. It would be great to have students do the same thing and think about passions they could explore. Great idea!


  2. I love your post! I couldn’t help but laugh because I love your thought process and I feel like this a lot of the times, wait till you have kids!! EEEEKKKKK! or if you have kids already you know what I mean. I wish at times I can clone myself so I can get everything done but I cant so I will just have a mind that runs a thousand miles a minute. 🙂


  3. I really struggled with what to do for my project, and I also went back and forth between different ideas. I wanted to find something that would be enjoyable, as I don’t need one stressful thing in my life. It also needed to be something I could actually write about. My final decision is one that will probably seem boring to some, but I think it will be a nice brain break for me. Good luck on your decision!


  4. I love that you are so open about your thought process! I struggled and juggled quite a few different ideas on what to do for this project as well. I think that was the most stressful part was choosing what to do for this project!


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